Things to Do Before I Die

In no special order, things in bold are the ones possible in the most immediate future.

  1. Write a 15,000 word novella
  2. Get married
  3. Have kids
  4. Go snow-shoeing
  5. Go skiing in Colorado
  6. Go ziplining
  7. Find a church that fits my beliefs
  8. Get a big girl job
  9. Go to savannah, GA
  10. See a safari
  11. Go to capetown
  12. Greek islands
  13. Rome, venice
  14. Concentration camp and castles in Germany
  15. Prague
  16. Plant a garden
  17. Fix furniture from flea market to look pretty
  18. Cake decorating class
  19. Ballroom class
  20. Learn to like coffee
  21. Have $15,000 in savings
  22. Hike to snow lake in WA
  23. Drive the Oregon coast
  24. Visit the mall of America
  25. Alaska
  26. Glacier walking in glacier national park
  27. Go spelunking
  28. See a volcano
  29. Wine tour of napa
  30. Yosemite, Yellowstone, rushmore
  31. Hot air balloon
  32. Grand canyon (donkey ride?)
  33. Luau in HI
  34. Pyramids in Egypt
  35. Great wall of china
  36. Scotland and London
  37. Go skeet shooting or target shooting
  38. Go on a cruise
  39. Quebec
  40. Texas – see a rodea
  41. Learn to drive a boat
  42. Learn Spanish
  43. Plan a charity event
  44. Crochet a scarf all the way
  45. Learn to do my own taxes
  46. Play racquetball
  47. Bingo at a bingo place

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