Snippet of a Fantasy

I always have lots of different ideas and fantasies rolling through my head, but usually I’ll pick one and develop it.  I originally thought to write some full-out stories of some of my fantasies, but I get stuck on details and semantics. So for now, I’m just going to roughly describe something I’ve been overthinking.

Date Night

The scenario : some point in the beginning of a relationship. The Dominant is savvy with rope.

The couple is having a movie night for their date. The Dom decides to tie up the sub for the duration of the movie. At this point, it could go in several different ways (clothed, unclothed, etc.). I’ve been thinking most appropriate for a newer relationship, so I’m going to go with that description.

She would be instructed to remove her panties and bra, and would be wearing a thin tank top and leggings or tights (likely layers on top, but strip down to this). The Dom would choose to put on a body harness. The crotch rope would have handily placed knots, and her breasts would be bound tightly. Her arms would be bound in a box tie behind her back.

The Dom would sit on the ground against the sofa, and then place the sub between his legs on the floor. He’d drape her legs over his, so that he could control how widely spread they were. He’d have had her place a remote vibrator inside her leggings prior to binding her arms, and the vibe would be held in place by the crotch rope.  The Dom would insert a ball gag, to ensure silence during the movie. The vulnerability and intimacy of the position appeal; the possibility of drooling, the restraint and control of even her voice, and the closeness of the couple’s bodies when in this position create an ideal situation.

The Dom would put in the movie, likely a more risqué movie (on my mind has been the movie Secretary, namely because of the kinkiness, possibility of arousal, and because I haven’t seen it, but any number of movies would work). The Dom would take  a seemingly objectivizing approach, in that the sub would be his plaything for the duration of the movie. He would play with her as he desired, taking into account what pleases him without paying heed to her desire to cum.

He could tease and torment her bound breasts, which would be all the more sensitive from their bindings. He could play with the remote vibrator, increasing it when the movie got racy but taking sensation away when she started to squirm. He could threaten punishment if she squirmed or made noise that distracted from the movie – or he could bind her further to entirely cease her movement if needed.

When the movie ends, the evening could go a multitude of ways. If a more platonic/new relationship, they could talk with coffee and then the sub could be on her way.

Actually, had it been more platonic or new, the crotch rope and teasing of the breasts could have been torment enough (aka no vibrator at all).

If there was a more sexual understanding, the Dom could require the sub to get him off using only her mouth, keeping her on edge throughout. Maybe he’d let her cum after he did, or possibly he’d just leave her desperately wanting release.

No matter which way it went, it would be a tortuously fun date night for both involved.


Of course, a variation on this could be the same type of harness under clothes with teasing under a jacket at a movie theater, or in a drive-in movie situation. There could be other toys involved if the couple was more sexually involved. There could be themes on the movie, sort of like a drinking game but for teasing – spanks correspond with a certain recurring joke or a kiss corresponds with kissing in the movie, depending on the genre of movie.

Sometimes fantasies aren’t meant to be acted out, but this one has been nagging at the back of my mind since this summer.


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