Disclaimer, Dating, and Playing

I do have lots of fantasies that I want to act out. I also have a super-strong desire to be bound in rope. I have submissive urges that are begging to be let out from my control-freak daily persona.

I am not, however, willing to do any of those things with just anyone.

This was mentioned in a former post, but I didn’t really underline it, so here is the place for that.

I’m not looking to play with anyone and everyone. Yes, if you are a Dom fellow who I find intriguing and who is good with rope, I’ll probably consider it in my mind. This is much how you scope out a hot chick at the mall – I’m scoping. It’s an initial sign that I should give you more than one glance. This does not mean I will want to play with you, just that I will talk with you.

If we meet and I feel comfortable with you and I trust you, then there may be potential for platonic play-dates. As an earlier post mentions, trust comes with respect, which comes with certain other traits. Similarly, if I feel creeped out, nothing else is happening, ever.

If we meet and I feel comfortable, but nervous and attracted to you in addition to trusting you, then there may be potential for platonic play-dates, there may be a possibility of sexual overtones, and who knows where things can lead.

Lately, I have had an increasing number of people trying to get me to play. I’m trying to be respectful, openminded, etc., but I’m not desperate and I want to reiterate that I’m not willing to play with just anyone. I’ve always been particular about who I date and sexually interact with, and I’m going to be that way in this scene too.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, feel free to initiate respectful contact, and I’ll do my best to respond in kind. Friends are always welcome. If you’re seeking more, read around on here and that’ll give some indications of what I’m looking for and how to approach me.

If I’m interested, I’ll “admire” you or send a message your way. I’ll potentially try to meet up with you. If I invite you to hang out and get unfavorable responses, I likely won’t ask again (or if I do, the second time will really cap it off), so feel free to take the initiative if you want to see me. I try to show that I’m interested, but I’m hyper-aware of being too clingy, and sometimes that pushes me too far in the other direction, so it doesn’t hurt to ask me about my feelings, intent, or meetings.

Age isn’t an automatic disqualifier, but if you’re much, much older than me, I’d prefer to meet you around other people at a ‘scene’ event rather than one-on-one.


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