Not So Discrete…

I’ve always been very, very careful about how much information I share with my vanilla friends concerning my sex life and sexual interests. Being from Indiana, I’m used to bible-belt conservatives, close-minded-ness, and general prudish-ness. I was raised in the Catholic church, which screams “hide your horny!” Add to that my interests in working for the government and in/around politics, and it makes sense that I’ve been super-discreet.

When I moved to Pittsburgh, I wanted to get involved in the local scene because I knew I wouldn’t run into people from high school or my family (my sister attends IN kink events sometimes – I know this about her, she knows nothing about my desires).  For the first few months, I was too chicken to go to anything. After a handy-dandy road trip mixed with some Dan Savage, I found out that my closest friend here was open to kinky things.

Turns out, she was into the idea enough to attend an event with me, and I finally attended something and met other kinky people. Good times were had by all, and my desire to attend more things was inspired.

Anyhow, it’s been great being able to be open about this side of my personality. It was nice to be able to discuss my interests and men and what-not with a friend, being honest about the entire situation. In the two weeks it’s been, I’ve gotten used to the openness. I’ve also started to care marginally less about what my friends think about my kink interests. I mean, if they judge me for this, are they really my friends?

So, while I was hanging out with my friends over thanksgiving break, I didn’t hold back. I spilled my guts, and they were curious and not appalled. In fact, I learned (well, confirmed ideas I’d already had) that one friend is a Domme-leaning exhibitionist, one is into bondage and maybe pain but not control, and one is into bondage without pain but with the power exchange and teasing. AKA, everyone’s a little bit kinky, even my prudish Indiana friends. They even expressed interest in attending kink events, and want handcuffs for xmas!


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