Random Thoughts & Moments

  1. I realized 30 minutes into my drive back to PA that I left my new, $40 vibrator at my parents house. I not only won’t be able to have it until mid-December, but I also won’t be able to use it until mid-January due to the loudness and my dad sleeping in the room over. :(.
  2. Microsoft Access will be the death of me by the end of next week.
  3. Reheated frozen mashed potatoes do NOT cook up well. They actually will flood your microwave and be soupily disgusting.
  4. The season for pumpkin-flavored things is almost over, which greatly saddens me.
  5. Private Practice, post Charlotte’s attack, is no longer worth watching.

I like things in multiples of 5, so I’ll leave it at that.

In other, extremely mundane news, I’m looking for a way to use my $400 flight voucher before March 11. Where should I go? It has to be somewhere worth going by myself, since my friends are broke. It also needs to be somewhere that is inexpensive upon arrival, and can make for a fun weekend.


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