To-Do in Pittsburgh

Updated: Having moved away from Pittsburgh, it’s unfortunate that all these things went undone. Busy, much?

As I’m approaching second semester, I’m realizing I really only have about 5-6 months left in Pittsburgh, but there is SO MUCH I want to do. To help me keep track, I’m making a list.

  • Go skiing, both in the monroeville park and at a local resort (7springs, blue knob, hidden valley). I’ve only been skiing two times, both in France in the Alps. I never made it off the bunny slopes, and I basically barely know how to stop (turning eludes me). I loved it, though, and I’d like to do it some more while there are mountains nearby.
  • Visit the Heinz History museum
  • Visit Phipps Conservatory
  • Visit the National Aviary
  • Visit the Warhol and see floors 1-5 (I’ve done 6 and 7 already).
  • Visit the Science museum
  • Hike in Frick Park
  • See an Opera
  • Go to a Penguins game
  • Go to a Steelers game (I realize this is likely not going to happen, since I’m relatively broke).
  • Go to Station Square
  • Go line dancing and ride the mechanical bull at the country bar in Station Square.
  • Go whitewater at Ohiopyle again, only on the “advanced” trip or when the water is above 5. We went over labor day when the water was 1.5, on the beginner portion of the river, and I had a blast. But, I’d like to push myself and do a more challenging course.
  • Go kayaking.
  • Go to Kennywood amusement park… I’m not heart-set on this one, but it’s there so why not.
  • Take a cooking class at the whole foods in Robinson or at the bread place in the Strip district
  • Visit the Cathedral of Learning
  • Buy and make a seafood dinner from Wholey’s fish market
  • Go to the wine and tapas bar in squirrel hill

I’m sure this list will grow as the next month or two go on.


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