Reflections and Resolutions : 2010 –> 2011

15 Best parts of last year:

  1. Going to Brazil and ringing in the 2010 with good friends and new experiences
  2. Finding out my acceptance to 8/10 graduate schools I applied to, including the schools I didn’t think I would get into, and getting scholarship money at my top choice school
  3. Going to Jamaica for Spring Break, enjoying the beautiful beaches, spending time with great friends, and seeing an amazing couple of sunsets with drinks in hand
  4. Visiting CMU and knowing without a doubt that it was the definite right choice for me, making my decision very simple
  5. Finally finishing my thesis! 2 years, 40 pages, countless edits and presentations later…
  6. Graduation: finishing w/ a double bachelors, magna cum laude, from the honors college
  7. Moving to Pittsburgh, setting up my first apartment without roommates, and getting to know Pittsburgh
  8. Doing great things in Pittsburgh – restaurants, bars, museums, sports, theater, dancing, etc.
  9. Starting classes CMU, and being seriously challenged for the first time in many years – having to put forth sincere effort, pay attention, do my work on time and edit it, work with my peers, and feel like I’m learning something worthwhile
  10. Meeting amazing people in Pittsburgh who support and care about me, who are willing to try new things, go places, and balance work and play
  11. Visiting DC twice for a career event and for the Jon Stewart rally, visiting Toronto and Niagara Falls just for fun
  12. Going whitewater rafting, hiking, and ice skating for the first times
  13. Throwing parties where people attended and had a great time
  14. Going to my first kink event ever in Detroit and having a variety of new experiences with kink and my own sexuality, including discovering my true love of rope bondage
  15. Going to kink events in Pittsburgh, meeting people from the area in a normal non-play setting, and further broadening my kink experience

2011 Education/Career Goals:

  1. Read the news every day, namely go through all GReader headlines, and read through at least one article in “Politics,” and one in “Energy” every day
  2. Learn the names of the world leaders of the G20
  3. Attend at least one speaker a month from a department or subject outside my interest level
  4. Get a 3.5 or higher next semester
  5. Read my assignments in full, on time, and take notes on my readings
  6. Find a summer internship and a position for next year
  7. Line up recommendation letters from professors from grad school
  8. Plan a career networking event for the organization I co-lead
  9. Practice my French at least once a month
  10. Read at least one for-pleasure book a month

2011 Personal/Social Goals:

  1. Travel to at least one place I’ve never been before
  2. Wear high heels more frequently and sit up straight whenever possible; improve my posture
  3. Maintain a budget, and live by it
  4. Cook at least one home-cooked meal per week
  5. Start and end each day with a glass of water and time spent stretching; work on staying hydrated and further increasing my flexibility
  6. Make eye contact and smile with a stranger at least once every time I go out; introduce myself to one new person at each event I attend; compliment one friend every day
  7. Write/email/call my closest friends at least once every two weeks-month (depending on when they respond)
  8. Attend a kinky event in Washington, DC once I move there
  9. Pay closer attention to my own fashion sense, and only buy clothes that are flattering. Purchase items that can be worn for many years and that are quality
  10. Continue to incorporate active things into my life, from just walking through the park to the more extreme things like whitewater rafting

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