Breaking from Break

I have officially had enough of break. I can’t take this much “rest and relaxation.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I like break. The first week was awesome, having free time and whatnot. But, having free time in a place with stuff to do where there are people to do things with is much different than what my break is like. The people I know in Indiana have dispersed, have real jobs, and have no break. Pittsburgh people are all across the country (and globe), and not nearby. Isolation is not cool.

When I’m in school, I may be so busy I’m freaked out, but I have a TON of social interaction, and I never feel like I’m “out” of things to do. I like that version of my life much better than the idleness version.

I’m trying to remember this is likely the last time I’ll ever have this type of break, so I should enjoy it. I don’t know when I’ll be home again, so I should revel in it. 3 weeks later, though, and it’s getting difficult.

Funnily enough, I had a conversation with my dad yesterday (who has been on “Vacation” most of the time I’ve been home), and he’s going nuts too. He enrolled in a training course due to boredom. It’s easy to see where I get it from!

On an entirely different note… Wouldn’t it be fun to attend a vanilla NYE party, with hidden rope bondage all underneath the fancy outfit? It’d be such a pleasant way to bring in the new year…especially if denial led to an orgasmic kiss at midnight. *someday.*


**Addendum, Jan 3**

I spoke too soon. I just got assigned 200+ pages of readings for two of my courses that start next week. Half on counterinsurgency (COIN) theory, and half on medical marijuana. Should certainly be a diverse semester…and now I have a TON to do, and I’m already missing my tv, shopping, and reading. I feel normal now.


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