New Semester Scheduling

Let’s just say, UGH.

I can’t figure out what to take this semester, and for $60,000/yr, I better freaking LOVE my classes. At the very least, I have to feel like I’m learning. Unfortunately, since I exempted a certain number of courses, I have lots of space for electives and there aren’t many electives available. So, what to do?

Right now, I’m debating between a few options. I was looking at a project management course, but it requires a project to design a plan for… and while I’ve led projects, I’ve never managed a significantly large one that has a budget, which is a required aspect of the course. That, combined with the extremely large workload for the course, makes me uncertain about it. I would learn a lot, but I don’t know how I can take it without the right type of project.

If I don’t take that, I can either take global financial systems or policy innovation. The first is a macroeconomics course, essentially. It isn’t exactly in my interest area, but it wouldn’t heart to learn. I’d likely learn a lot from it. The second course has an amazing professor and would be interesting, but it may overlap with a course I take next year. Either way, these two options leave me with 4 courses the first half of the semester, and 6 the second half… which is a heavy load for the last few weeks.

I think I will sit in on the financial one tomorrow and make my decision after that.

In other random news, why on earth does one of the chicks on the bachelor have fangs?!


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