Everyone has moments of jealousy, possessiveness, curiosity, interest, fascination, lust, etc. Most people feel these emotions towards a specific person, sometimes more than once.

I’ve realized that for me, the curiosity reigns. I knew this before, but damn son, I’m a nosy bitch.

I want to know all about people. I want to know their love life, their interests, their passions, their triumphs and dismays, etc.  There are some people, obviously, who I don’t want to know all this about… but for the most part, I want to know as much as people are willing to tell me. People fascinate me. I love learning about them, learning who they are and learning from them. Its a type of deep pleasure for me.

Part of this is because when I know someone, I know if I can help them, if I can make them laugh, if I can please them or help them get ahead…but a large part is just a natural curiosity that I’ve never stifled. When I was younger, learning about others (and the world) took the attention off of me, which is still an added bonus.

Anyhow, I ask a lot of questions. I’m good at it. I can direct a conversation, even if unintentionally.

Basically, I was thinking about some people I know today. We played some drinking games the other day, and I loved learning about people’s sex lives and whatever they want to share. I’m just that nosy. I like facebook because I can see what’s going on with people, learn about them, etc. I love being back at school because there are tons of people to observe and question.

Don’t get me wrong, when I’m close with someone, I don’t just interrogate them. Sometimes if people want questions, I’ll ask them, but there’s a lot more to interaction and I get that. I just realized that how I deal with meeting new people is questions, and how over time that’s seeped into my very appreciation of social interactions. I’m just wired weird like that.


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