1-17 Life, As-Is

Time for another random clusterf*ck of rambling.

First,  Management Science, linear programming, optimization, and business intelligence blow my mind. I am *so* nerdishly excited to learn how to fully utilize this type of tool. I’m pretty good with logic games, and my intuition tends to get me far in optimization situations. Logistics have always been my forte. That said, the more variables involved, the less efficient I get, and I can’t wait to learn how to use technology to simplify the equations. This is one course that will take a ton of work, but I feel will be very much worth it in the end.

On another note, I’m not quite sure how to approach someone I find fascinating. The issue I have with the kink world, and I suppose with dating outside of my “school” zone in general, is that I don’t see these people every day. I can’t slip in hints, add things gradually to normal, everyday conversations, etc. So, if I find someone intriguing, how do I learn more about them and express interest? I know that used to be what first dates were for, but I don’t want to express so much interest as to ask someone out would imply, especially if I don’t know said person quite that well yet. We shall see what happens. Hopefully I’ll be able to interact with this person again in the near future and say more than hello, which is all that’s been exchanged in the past.

I hung out at Pittsburgh’s Beehive coffeehouse for a bit on Saturday, and I *loved* it. The vibe is awesome, the atmosphere conducive to studying and to hanging out, and in general it’s one of my new favorite places in the ‘burgh.

I also spent more time watching football this weekend than in my entire life, I think. Steelers v. Ravens, Packers v. Falcons, Bears v. Seahawks, Jets v. Patriots… Bears, Steelers, and Packers won, so I’m happy. I have to support my midwestern roots and the ‘Burgh.

In other news, I heard my neighbors screwing last night. In my 5 years living away from home, I’ve never heard my neighbors screwing…I suppose I really can’t complain now. It does make me realize what I’m missing out on, though :).

I think I’m going to leave it at that, for now.


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