Nipple Torment Fantasy

Fantasizing about a sadistic lover tormenting my breasts and nipples just…*does* it for me. That’s what did it last night. I posted that link to a thread on fetlife a few days ago, and certain aspects just stuck in my mind. Begin fantasy here…


I imagined being bound spreadeagled to a cross type of furniture, gagged, entirely immobile and barely even able to struggle. The blindfold was left off so I could be further tormented by my Dom’s eyes…eye contact is always a struggle for me, and the embarrassment and surrender I feel when making eye contact with a Dom who has just the right evil glint in his eyes, the power he can communicate in that way, the amusement or arousal – anyhow, blindfold off.

It was my first time playing with said Dom, and he was ready to tease me – in words and actions. He gently caressed my body – his fingers moving just lightly enough to tickle and raise goosebumps on my flesh. He tweaked my nipples, than steadily pushed a bullet vibrator into my cunt. He didn’t turn it on yet, and he made certain that no part of the toy was touching my clit. He circled my clit widely, enough to make me shudder, but moved away directly after.

He then started manhandling my breasts while talking to me in a cocky, slightly amused voice that was husky with arousal. I imagined him saying something to the effect of “There are three things that get me off. One, playing with these tits in any way I please.”

He then spent several minutes fondling, groping, and squeezing my breasts – ignoring the nipples, just treating them literally like toys of his to play with. When I was squirming a bit in arousal, he moved on. He pinched both of my nipples simultaneously, hard enough for me to utter a muffled shriek through my gag. “Second, I love tormenting and torturing nipples.” He then spent at least 10 minutes just pinching, twisting, rubbing, rolling, nibbling, and biting my nipples until I was pulling against my restraints and moaning through the gag.

At this point, he switched on the vibrator to it’s lowest setting. With no clitoral stimulation, this just pushed the arousal a step further without pushing me over the edge. “Lastly, I love the type of suffering a submissive goes through as I tease her for hours…I’m a sadist not just for direct pain, but for the pain of teasing and denial.” He flicked my clit just lightly, and turned off the vibrator again as his fingers moved back up to my nipples. With the gleam in his eye, I knew the torment was just beginning.


Knowing that he had the control to not let me climax at all, that tormenting me and watching me suffer his sadistic delights was pleasing him, knowing that he was getting off on making me wait and squirm and beg for mercy…yeah, hot.


2 responses to “Nipple Torment Fantasy

  1. “He then spent several minutes fondling, groping, and squeezing my breasts – ignoring the nipples, just treating them literally like toys of his to play with.”

    Wow. Very well put : ) You do have a way with words.

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