Tears for America ~ Original Song

This is a song I wrote for a lyrics contest back when I was in high school, I think in 2005…wow 6 years ago. I still think the topic is relevant, and I’m pretty proud of the piece. It’d make a good country song, I think.


Tears For America

He boarded the plane,

Suitcase in his hand.

He turned around and met my eyes,

Gave me one last loving glance.

And I beg God to keep him safe –

Please bring him back unscathed.


I pray for the children

Living with no guarantee;

They may never meet their parents

In combat overseas.

And I pray for our country,

That we’ll erase the divide.

Will it ever really be worth it

The lives lost, the parents died?


People don’t take pride in hard work,

They don’t ever lend a hand.

Though we’re at war overseas

There’s more war in our homeland.

So I’m crying for America –

My country ‘tis of thee.

We must come together

If we want to be free.


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