Who are you? ~ Original Poem (slam style)

This was another old poem, actually written to be read in live performance (kind of the old poetry slam type of dealio). There is a very deliberate rhythm that is meant to be heard when reading/listening. I’m not sure if that rhythm translated – I tried to use line breaks, punctuation, and bolding to translate the specific emphases into text. Either way, I still have a fondness for the piece.


Who are you –

Who has made me think, who has encouraged me to question?

I need more people like you.

More people who understand, who encourage.

I know I can be the best if I truly want to be,

But I don’t want to be the best, just the best me.

But people seem to stifle me, to put down my opinions, to tell me I can’t succeed –

Is it so much to want to dream,

To want to move beyond this life into a realm beyond that of my deepest imagining?

I want so much from life – I want to love and live and learn.

People tell me that’s not good enough. That I need a plan, that I need to be realistic;

But you — You mysterious entity never truly insult me.

You give me something to think about, you pose a question and give me time to answer it without rushing my answer.

You let me dream.

Though you never encourage the impossible – You understand your limits and my own,

But you know how to stretch them.

It isn’t about being perfect, or being beautiful, or being optimistic – It’s about being real;

And reality can sometimes feel like a dream,

And in dreams all is perfect,

But perfection is in the eye of the beholder

And in my eyes,

I see you.

And I say thank you

For being there

For being true.


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