The Dirty on 4P

Holy hell ouch, batman.

Now that *that’s* out of the way, I can elaborate a tiny bit. I was entirely tweaking out about attending this event. I knew some people, but didn’t have anyone pre-arranged to scene with. That, combined with attending by myself and being pretty new to the local scene, just freaked me out. I always get that way before networking events and such (the first event of orientation week was hell), and then I get over it. This was sort of like that, in that I’m glad I went even though I had to force myself to.

I helped with registration for a long time, which was interesting as it gave my a chance to settle down and scope people out. I attended the “exploratorium,” and was able to feel what fire cupping and violet wands feel like. Still to this point, I haven’t found something kinky I *don’t* like. The violet wand would be fascinating all over the body. I only did one fire cup, and it was on my arm, but I’m vastly curious about how that would elsewhere. I’m not so big on getting naked in front of 50+ people, though, so I’d have to find a Dom who had a set handy.

I was awkward for at least 20 minutes, just kind of watching what was going on. Then, I got to experience a hard-core spanking.  It was intense and incredible…painful, arousing, and relatively unsettling. Painful, in that I challenged him to push my limits and he did, and he ended up breaking three paddle-type implements on my ass. Said ass is incredibly welted and will be crazily bruised tomorrow. Unsettling was mainly because of the arousing; this, over anything else, entirely solidified my masochism. I’ve never gotten that aroused without kissing, fondling, etc.  I was trying not to be too overly obvious about my horniness post-spanking, but then again, in a sense I hope the Dom realized what he was able to do to me. I am not just a masochist, but apparently a pretty heavy one. I need to hang out with more sadists to make me feel less weird about this.

So yeah, ouch. But good times. I played a bit with some rope too, although not really full-on restraint like I have in the past. I was slightly less awkward as the evening went on, and was able to talk with some people that I really like. I didn’t really meet that many people outside the ones I knew, which I suppose was a mess-up on my part, but I was still very happy with how things went.


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