10 Thoughts of the Day

Another random conglomeration of thoughts and opinions.

  1. In management science, we learned how to evaluate efficiency and make improvements. I love it. There are still aspects I don’t understand, but it’s really neat to see how you can compare brands via inputs, outputs, and comparisons.
  2. I wish more people understood the difference between arguing and debating.
  3. I strongly dislike that many of the men in my acquaintance fail to see a gray area between “casual sex” and “marriage.” It IS possible to want a relationship that takes life as it comes, and develops without trying to force it in a specific direction. There CAN BE an in-between.
  4. I miss the self I was when I was in show-choir, when I loved performing and being on stage, when I got off from getting attention, and shyness was non-existent. I regained inhibitions in college, and it kind of sucks.
  5. I’ve been invited to play a D&D type of game, which I’ve never done before. I don’t know how to play, and I’ve never played before, but I don’t want to judge things without trying them. I was trying to read up on it, but it seems kind of difficult, so I’m not sure how good I’ll be. I may be too inhibited for it.
  6. Which brings me to – why do we judge people for playing video or RPG games? I will admit I’ve done this in the past, when I worked for EB games. So many people didn’t shower, or were crazy awkward, or presumptive about my affections, etc. But, a lot of people play games without sacrificing their lives to it. I’ve taken to just thinking of it as a hobby, similar to how I can get lost reading a good book for hours, or watching a TV show on DVD.  Just because people play these things doesn’t mean they are weird.
  7. I dislike oatmeal, and apparently that is a crime to the kids in my grad program…to that point, here’s a fun article that happened to go with the thoughts. http://www.cracked.com/funny-7040-oatmeal/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+CrackedRSS+(Cracked:+All+Posts)
  8. Sometimes I wonder if I should refrain from giving money to businesses or sports teams or entertainers who I disagree with. I don’t have a definitive opinion on this, just the thought crosses my mind.
  9. I had to tell a friend that a guy she dated isn’t interested in her…it was awful. I hate how involved I was in the whole thing. But, he was just going to “back off and let her figure it out,” and she was wondering non-stop about when he’d call for a second date, to the point of getting sick about it. She got (rightfully) upset about it, and I tried to be there for her.
  10. I haven’t seen a movie in a very long time. I really want to see the Natalie Portman chick flick, The King’s Speech, or True Grit. I also still want to see Secretary (preferably while all “tied up”).

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