Politics and Questions

Mike Pence is NOT running for President in 2012. Thank God! He’ll likely win the GOP governor nomination for Indiana, but maybe Donnelly can give him a run for his money.

I’d really like to know how many carcinogens are in Marijuana…how much are lung cancer and pot smoking correlated? Is it the same as with tobacco?

Last night I was thinking about trying to publish a blog or book entirely for questions. I can think of a question about anything, and a lot of people lack that ability. I’m still pondering this.

I’m also wondering how weird or out of place it is for a submissive to have her own toy bag. If a woman pulls out a bag of tricks, is that off-putting to a vanilla man? If the man was a Dom, he’d likely have his own toys. Plus, if I have a bag of toys and no one to use them, that’s just more sad on my end. So, what to do…because I really would like to experiment with clamps and such, but I don’t want a giant bag of only slightly used stuff either.


One response to “Politics and Questions

  1. Funny, so very funny. How at such a young age do you enjoy such a variety of life’s experimentations? Very interesting.

    Hey, keep whatever you have of a conservative nature. It will do you right in your life.

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