Another First

Had my first experience with nipple torture last night…and I loved it. Even when I hated it, I still craved more. The line between pain and pleasure is so fine for me; I was shuddering for what seemed like ever even after he stopped tormenting them.  Hell, even a brush of the fingers makes me shudder now. My nipples are delightfully sore this morning, with the slightest touch of anything making them tingle. I’ve never had them be hard for this long before. While they are definitely sensitive enough to get a reaction, they’re never sensitive like this.

The burlesque last night was a tad bit disappointing. I don’t know what I expected, but I guess I was thinking there would be more singing and dancing. Instead, it was basically just strippers…and not even great ones, at that. The bar had a cool vibe, but the smoke was horrendous, and the noise got pretty loud. Not sure if I’d go back; maybe for a theme night, but that’s likely all.


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