What I’m Seeking: Revised

So, I’ve yet to find a kinky thing that I don’t enjoy. I’ve found a few that I’m more frightened of (namely, breath play and gags with lots of straps), but that’s it. I don’t in any way mean this as a challenge, but it is amusing to me.

I’ve determined that what would be ideal “relationship”-wise for me right now would be a mentor. If I could find a Dom who would be willing to sign on as a teacher/mentor, and be sort of a cross between guide and play partner, that’d be perfect.  AKA: Respect, trust, humor, and some attraction and/or comfort mixed with play, while still lower on the commitment scale. I am still very much new to this environment, and I’d like to explore implements, scenarios, pain, etc. with a trusted partner, preferably one who could teach me and help me grow/learn.

I’m a great student (it’s my life right now). I’m also loyal, eager to please, open minded, masochistic, and quick to smile/laugh. It’s easy to make me squirm and blush. I can be slow to vocalize, but give me some open space and I’ll have at it. Anyhow, in terms of what I’m *actively* seeking, this is it. More than this would take a pretty special person and connection.


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