Interrogation play = fun. Interviews that are so intimidating as to mimic interrogation play = not fun.

I apply for tons of jobs and internships every November- March. Last summer, I applied for 30 and got a few interviews, but no internship. It doesn’t help that I’m entering a super competitive field, and that I have only been applying for paid positions (when gov’t positions are almost always unpaid). Still, I have come to have a very pessimistic attitude about my potential for success regarding this summer.

Of course, the one time I really, honestly think I have no shot at all – I’m not qualified, hell I’m not even super-interested in this position – *that’s* when I get the interview. And it can’t just be some normal, everyday interview…it’s a case interview. Essentially, I’m going to be given an unsolvable problem, and I have to talk my way through how to approach the problem.

I’m nervous as hell. I feel underprepared, overwhlemed. I’m not quantitatively qualified for this job. What may save me is my legal background, as the logic skills from that will help me approach a problem. I’m good with organizational strategy and efficiency. I’m good at structuring a problem and research. I’m good with communication skills. I’m not necessarily good at the business analysis/operations strategy work, or the more technical side. I don’t know which skill-set they are necessarily looking for.

Anyhow, I have until Thursday morning to figure it out. Then, if I get the offer, I have to figure out which is more important to me for next year – making a difference in a research based position with long-term potential, or growing my skillset, wallet, and network in a short-term competitive consulting environment. Choices, choices.


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