Epitome of Random

How is it February already?! Seriously.

I hate rain. It just makes me want to stay inside.

My nipples scabbed up a bit from the torment this weekend…they hadn’t bled, but I guess were raw enough to scab. Now they’re sort of peeling. It’s bizarre.

More bizarre – I’m craving playtime again. Now. Kinky playtime just crescendos and makes me want more and more. I’m really starting to be shocked that I refrained from cutting so long in my emo teenage years. My faith, optimism, and squickiness from blood saved me.

My car repairs are going to be longer and more in-depth than expected. Sucks. They have to replace sooo many things…poor baby.

The King’s Speech is a great movie. I’m so glad that my stammer is limited to once in a blue moon, and that I never had that type of impediment. I can’t imagine not being able to express myself how I wish.

This interview on Thursday is more important than I thought. Turns out I’m more qualified and interested in the job than I thought…hopefully I’ll actually get it. So much pressure!


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