Worker Bee

I was on campus until 11:30 on Friday, and from 10am to 12am yesterday. Working on homework. Studying. Actually doing work. And, I have several hours more to do today, and tomorrow, and the day after that…

For the record – I have NEVER invested this much of a weekend into studying before in my life. I think maybe, *maybe* I spent 10 hours studying for an exam on a Sunday once or twice, like right before the GRE, or before a final. But to spend 16 hours of time on one assignment for a class? Never.

I feel very productive, and at least I know I’m learning and getting my money’s worth of grad school. It’s just a tad daunting.

Random curiosity: when you want sex, you’re “horny” or “aroused.” What’s a good adjective for wanting to be spanked, or tied up?


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