Pot Policy

I’m inordinately proud of these graphs. I taught myself how to use countifs, how to make a time series graph, how to make a stacked bar graph, how to plot a line on an existing graph… and that was all after I’d researched, collected, and organized over 200 entries of historical data. Hells yeah, I’m a policy analyst.

For the record, it plots the number of propositions/legislation attempts in a region over time, and shows a trend line of people who favor legislation according to the General Social Survey. The colors in the bars represent the proportion by type (medical – research, medical – use, decriminalization, and legalization). These are just the Pacific, Mountain, East South Central, and New England regions because they are the ones with the highest growth rates.

About 48 hours til we present to the Drug Czar. Until then, I have to keep cranking out graphs, data, and insights. NUTS.


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