2-11 Randoms

The meeting with the Director of ONDCP went super well. I had a very proud moment when my professor realized – and admitted – that I was right and this one graph should’ve been kept in the presentation. The trip was exhausting, but worthwhile.

This morning, I had an awful midterm. I really hate when exams don’t represent what I actually have learned, and are made exceptionally difficult. Test me on what I need to know, but don’t TRY to make us fail on purpose. When you have to curve something more than 10 points, maaaaybe you’re teaching it poorly?

I’m missing kinky happy hour tonight, which kind of sucks. I really wanted to see and talk to people without filtering. But, my friend is coming in from Indiana, and seeing as how she’s driving over 6 hours to see me, I didn’t want to miss her.

You know how people crave sex sometimes? Or, they just want to cuddle, or make out, etc.? Don’t get me wrong, I want all of those things, but I’ve had the urge lately to give head. I want an extreme spanking, then I want to suck someone off. You know you’re a submissive when… That said, I’m not going to go whore it up at the club, and seeing as how I’m not seeing anyone right now, this is very much not going to happen.

But, my hell week is over! I’m taking a 48 hours break, then I have to start back up on it. I have to write a giant memo on my pot policy stuff, write up the notes and draft an introduction for a book my boss is publishing, do some lovely accounting homework (gag me), and start work on another paper. Woohoo. Less than a month until spring break!

In good news, though, I’ve got another interview for my job next year. I’ve got two lined up at this point. I’ve also applied to 26 places for summer internships… I’m hoping SOMEONE will hire me. Fingers crossed! I also may get to attend this energy summit in DC, where the secretary of energy and arnold schwarzenager are keynotes (among many other people, some of which I hope to work for one day). I hope to find out about tickets in the next few days.


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