Post Weekend Thoughts

I hate accounting. I can’t comprehend why anyone would ever willingly dedicate their lives to it. Ick. To each their own.

My friend and I had a great weekend, if brief. I wish she lived closer so we could hang out more frequently.

I got my clover clamps in the mail yesterday. They’re my first pair, and I’m sort of afraid to use them. I will try them out, of course…but it just isn’t the same when I’m doing it to myself. I want to not have control of the pain, and I want the evil look as they’re pulled tighter. *Squirm* That’s half the fun. But, since I could use some masochistic release and spanking is hard to do to oneself, this will have to work.

I really want to see Drumline Live on Tuesday night…but it’s $20, which is a little steep for my wallet right now. So, instead, it will be homework, open mic night, wings, or kinky game night. I may try to get the balls (and parallel parking) up to snuff to go to game night. I need some kink discussion.

I had a musical climatic moment on Saturday with the Pittsburgh Symphony. It was amazing! They played Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 5, which seriously gave me chills the entire time. I’ve never heard an audience clap for as long as they did Saturday. It makes me miss singing.

Valentine’s day is tomorrow…my motto, single doesn’t have to be solitary. I truly believe that. Doesn’t mean I’m not horny and in need of a man, but it does mean that I’ll still get my shit done, make and laugh at jokes, and generally live my happy life :).


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