A few of my favorite things

The weather has me in a sunny mood, so…

  • sheep — they’re puffy, what can I do but smile? Especially my squishable sheep (http://www.squishable.com/pc/squish_sheep_15/Big_Animals/Big+Squishable+Sheep).
  • sunny, warm days with just a light breeze
  • fresh sheets – especially when I’ve just shaved
  • getting mail, particularly unexpected and super-sweet cards from my Mom (and sometimes they have money in them, and it always is just when I’m out of cash)
  • other people planning things – like my spring break to Gulf Shores this year – I’m totally free of logistics for the first time ever, and it’s great!
  • responsive, helpful people in service positions, such as my apartment manager who shut down the noisy party, and the sony guy who figured out all my claim information on how to fix my screen
  • getting answers to my intern applications – hearing back makes it feel like it was worth applying for
  • getting good grades on assignments I thought I did poorly on, or even better, on assignments I worked super-hard to do well on
  • color-coded excel documents
  • fresh fruit, even more so in wintertime

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