Fail and Win

Fail : Having a pretty bad headache during a night out
Win : Having a fun night out at SingSing, the dueling piano bar, despite said headache

Fail : Borders filing bankruptcy and closing many stores
Win : Closing sales on books at borders!

Fail : Getting really hard multiple objective linear and goal programming problems that look like only math majors should be able to solve them
Win : Figuring out how to solve said problems and feeling like a first-class champion

Unrelated wins and fails:
Win : livingsocial and groupon, for giving “$15 for $30 at restaurant X” deals
Win : pampering oneself with massages and mani/pedis
Win : jamming to oldies, 80s, and country music in the car with friends
Win : feeling sexy in 4inch heeled boots
Win : going grocery shopping, so when you open your fridge you have options
Fail : being broke
Fail : having tons of assignments all due at the same time
Fail : needing to do laundry but not having enough quarters, and of course the bank is closed on Sunday
Fail : wanting to go to church but wanting sleep more
Fail : wanting to sing super badly but having thin walls and neighbors get in the way

That’s all tonight, folks.


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