Good Morning: You Suck

There’s nothing like waking up to an email that does nothing but degrade you (and not in a fun way). Seriously, sometimes I feel like nothing I do is good enough for this particular professor. I literally got a 3P email about how much this memo I submitted was weak and awful, and of course the highly-edited version with nonstop comments. I feel more than a little like a whipped puppy – I try so hard to impress this man, and I keep failing at it.

Things like this just make me long for a proper Dominant. I want to submit and please, and to know that I’m satisfying my Dom. I want to make everyone happy and in everyday life, it just doesn’t work. Without that, though, I don’t feel as complete. I need to serve, and I have no one to serve… gah.

I want rope, pain, and cuddles. Please?

I also realized that my birthday will be on the next TNG munch, but I may have night class. I wonder if I can coerce anyone into a birthday spanking.


The day got worse. Spent an hour on the phone with sony to no avail. Also wiped out hardcore in the snow. GRR.


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