Policy School

So, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m studying public policy. My interests lie primarily in energy policy, foreign relations, and national security, but I’ve done projects in a variety of areas. For the first half of this semester, I’ve been in a policy class that has been client based with the ONDCP, and we have been researching public opinion towards the legalization of marijuana. This class is almost over, and it’s crunch time. I wrote a 4 page (single spaced) analysis on the work I’ve done, and after being “slaughtered” by both my Prof and my QC person, I now have a 9 page (single spaced) analysis. It’s been a trial, but I’m pretty happy with it. At the very least, my Prof now realizes just how much work I’ve put into the class.

The most interesting insight, in my opinion, is that the New England region currently favors legalization more than any other region (including more than the Pacific region). There are a lot of possible confounding variables, but it still remains interesting. The whole project reinforces, time after time, that California is NOT the only place where legalization is on the table.

Today, in my legislative policymaking course, a local congressman came and spoke with us. I was impressed by a few things. First, he was pretty frank, and didn’t try to spin us too much, which is nice. Second, he has idealistic, great ideas on policies, but is realistic on what can be passed and how it can be passed. Third, he knows political history well, and it’s great. Someone was asking about bipartisan politics and commenting on how bad the partisanship is right now. His response? “Burr killed Hamilton in a duel – it really isn’t that bad right now.” I loved it; smart humor is the best.

Unrelated, I’ve been in the mood to attend a kinky event, and while there are a ton of them in the next few weeks, I am unable to attend them all. It’s unfortunate. I either have a group meeting, I’m out of town, or my parents will be in town. So, thanks to a friend, there’s going to be an event on Saturday. I have so much work I have to do tomorrow that I’ll have no vanilla friend time this weekend, but odd as it may sound, I don’t really care. I’ll see a bunch of people over break and in DC next week, and I need a break from people I go to classes with.

My interview this week went really well, and I’ll hear back next week. I’ve been applying to so many summer positions that it’d be GREAT not to worry about it anymore. I have a few interviews next week for my full-time job next year, and I may talk summer with those folks as well. All in all, it’s going to be a big career week for me next week. At the conference I’m attending, there will be tons of energy people present. I have to work on my elevator pitch, and I need to study up on emerging tech. I want to be able to talk about all that’s going on in panel sessions, so that requires some brush up since I’m not an engineer.

Lastly, bad moment of the day – my apartment was shown, and it’s a mess. Albeit, my version of a mess is different than most, but still – I need to laundry, dishes, swiffer, file papers, and remake my bed. ASAP. I’m thinking tomorrow night, laundry, cleaning, and paper writing. Woohoo! Great Friday plans, right?


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