Life Finals

Talk about the longest week ever…a day of finals, errands, packing, and driving to DC, followed by two days of hard core networking/conference (on tech-heavy, complicated things), followed by two days of interviews, networking, and logistical nightmares, concluded with apartment hunting and more traveling. Have to unpack, do laundry, repack, and off to travel some more. I’m going nuts.

Some good things for the week:

  • I got a particular fellowship for this summer that guarantees me $2500 and an internship in DC. My close friend also got it (1o were awarded from about 50 applicants, so crazy that we both won).
  • I found an apartment for next year in DC! Great location, amenities, price… really it is perfect.
  • I got to see a friend that I rarely see
  • I got to see Secretary Chu and a variety of other awesomely interesting influential speakers

Some bad things:

  • I lost my ID card, AGAIN. This is the 3rd time this year. It costs $25 to replace, so I really need to figure out a way to not do this.
  • Apparently I grind my teeth in my sleep…not good
  • One of my group members entirely abandoned our group paper, leaving the rest of us in a crazy lurch

I have to write a whole bunch of thank you/follow up emails before I leave, and I really don’t want to. I’m so sick of doing everything. I worry about logistics, and I like things to be organized and efficient. (aka, I’m a bit of a control freak.) DC does not work that way sometimes, and it drags on me. Add to that my 4 hrs of sleep, and I’m irritable as hell today. I’m in that weird in-between, partially sleepy, partly loopy, slightly horny, and in general wanting to submit. I need to come up with a better description for this mood, as it happens frequently (especially after particularly stressful times).

I still haven’t decided if I should drop my Tuesday night class next semester. The professor is great, and the class would teach some good skills, but I really would rather have Tuesday free for kinky things and the other class I’d take would be markedly easier. Choices, choices.

Can I just how sad I am to be leaving this city in two months? I’m just starting to really feel like it is home here. DC seems so overwhelming and large. Everything is complicated, and there are just so many people. Even the kink community there is huge. I kind of like the more intimate feel of the Pittsburgh scene, because people are very welcoming and willing to make friends with new people. I feel like I’ll lose that in DC.

Random, but I’m also still seeking a new vibrator. Suggestions are welcome.


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