Spring Break ’11

This time last year, I was in Houston, returning from Jamaica. I was just hearing back from grad schools, making decisions, working on my thesis, and preparing for graduation.

This year, I’m in Gulf Shores, Alabama with new friends. I’m fielding internship offers, and generally really enjoying life. I spent the day today in New Orleans, and it was amazing.

Tomorrow will be spent on the beach, even though it is a bit chilly. Then, we have about 17 hours of driving to get back to the ‘Burgh. Afterwards, bring on the semester of hell.

I’ll be taking six courses… crazy hard man sci II, financial analysis, policy innovation (mainly international), policy implementation (bureaucracy 101), digital transformation for managers, and energy and economics. I’ll also be working 10 hrs/week, as well as leading several events for the organization I co-lead.

Next weekend, my parents come to visit for my birthday. Then I turn 23, and I’m assuming that weekend will be full of fun in a myriad of ways. The first weekend of April is Boston for a conference, and then I have 5 weekends, including finals week. One of those weekends will be the Pittsburgh GRUE. I am hoping to have many kink experiences as well as some more ‘burghy ones. I want to go to Phipps, the Aviary, and the Heinz history museum.

PS BTW – I have a splinter in my foot, and the skin has grown over it. It hurts kind of badly, and won’t be able to be removed until the skin is cut or regenerated. Soooo here’s to hoping that happens.


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