Back to the Grind

Changes to the schedule, and now I have three night classes. Three! Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Ew. Disadvantage – missing the new rope group meetings.  Advantage – I can sleep in on TR, meaning I can do trivia on Wed. and not worry about being out too late.

I’m really excited about my innovation class, it is going to be fascinating. A former ambassador is teaching it, and she is super down to earth but still has sooo much insight to share. Yay! I also got an extension on figuring out which internship to take, so that was also good.

I met a friend’s new dating interest tonight, and he is super sweet and dorky, and from Indiana!  She met him on, which is interesting, because they’re both totally owning up to online dating in a refreshing way. I’m really hoping it works out for them.

My parents will be in town this weekend, which is nice because I do really miss them. On the other hand, I’m missing a kinky play party event, which is a huge bummer. I really want to play, and I feel safer doing so with other people. I’d host my own event with kinky people I know, but I have thin walls and a small apartment. Grr. It’s game night tomorrow, and I’m going to go, and maybe I’ll be able to talk about/work something out for the weekend after. Perhaps people would be up for play nights two weekends in a row. I mean, it IS my birthday :).

Going with that, turning 23 is kind of lame. I mean, cool for getting older, but it isn’t really a big number in any way. I’m one of the youngest people I know in Pittsburgh, so it’ll be good to be a bit more on an even keel, but in general I don’t feel my age often. I have super immature moments because I’m so easily amused and I fidget a lot, but I will still be like that when I’m 50 so it doesn’t really count. The rest of the time, everyone always comments on how I seem so much more mature than my age indicates. I’ve always been like that – hard childhood made me grow up a bit early.

That’s all for now.


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