Birthday Day!

I’m 23 today… exciting stuff. Yay birthday!

I got a super sweet card from a bunch of my friends, a wonderful lunch, and lots of “Happy Birthdays.”  We’re going to go out to celebrate in style on Friday night, as well. I love that my friends here are so genuine and caring. <3.

Then, I went to the TNG Munch tonight for the first time. At first I was withdrawn, as I always am in new groups, but I got to talking to people and it was good. It was a little weird at one point for me since someone else brought cake for her birthday, which was sad since no one knew it was mine…but then the woman I was talking to tattled to other people and everyone sung to me. Humiliating, but sweet. Of course, that led to birthday spanks and hugs…which surprisingly broke the ice for me in a good way.

Now it’s just time to get a real birthday spanking, one that actually hurts :).

In other news, positive birthday event – new vibrating toy arriving in the mail.


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