Randoms, 3/23 Edition

Another day for randoms.

  • I really like clementines. I’m so happy they are in season! Delicious. As is cornbread (and no, not together).
  • I have decided I want to buy a pair of camel-colored flats. I don’t know why, but it struck me the other day and now I really want some. Perhaps like these: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/report+ayden+flat?prodId=206512&category=cat20068
  • I suck at asking for what I want. Really badly. I really hate being a burden to anyone, and I feel like by asking someone for something, it makes them feel obligated to do it and then I’m a burden. Asking also seems like taking huge ownership over the desire I’m voicing, and that’s difficult for me because I’m a great combo of stubborn and proud. This is not helpful in the kink community, where asking someone to play is usually how you get someone to play with you. I’ve been working off of being invited to play, but there is only so long that’s going to keep working. I realize people aren’t mindreaders, but I really wish they were sometimes.
  • I mispronounce words terribly. I pronounced “bowlegged” as if the bow was after a performance, rather than the with an arrow… it’s awful. I can read, spell, define, and use words in sentences…but I can’t say them. Fail.
  • Recent Pew Polls have Obama winning re-election, and Romney and Huckabee as republican frontrunners… not sure how I feel about this yet. We shall see how things evolve.
  • LightSquared got BestBuy as a client. I’m not sure if this wholesale strategy will work – I don’t know if I’d buy wireless service from a retailer. I think the barriers to entry are too high – how can you compete with Verizon and AT&T at this point? Even T-Mobile is selling.
  • My pants are too big, but I’m not quite down to the next size. Grr. I need to just wash them every wear, but I don’t have enough quarters for that type of drama.
  • I’m interviewing with a lobby firm tomorrow. I’d be with their energy folks, which is cool, but lobby firms have such mixed reputations. It should be another interesting thing to have play out.
  • There are a whole host of kinky things coming up, all of a sudden. Play party thing. Random meetup of doom. Fake munch. Rope meeting (I can’t attend, sad).  It’s interesting, but again I run into the “answering to vanilla friends” issues. Saturday night, for example, everyone I know (and practically everyone in my program) is going to this one bar… and I’m skipping it to go to a kinky thing. I haven’t decided my reasoning yet, other than “I’m not feeling well.” Which is lame, because it’s sort of a giant birthday clusterfuck thing, and so I should be there. I’ve already prioritized my kink for the evening though, because I like variety in my life and I need to get the fuck away from the grad school people I’m around all the time. I love them, but 24/7 is a lot.
  • My computer is still failing. I need to call sony and schedule another repair (motherboard and harness cable), but I don’t want to deal with the hold music. AHH.

That’s all for today.


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