Playing is fun

Shocker, right?

I’m in a spank-happy place right now. I can only imagine what it would be like to have pain regularly…I think I would be a lot more centered.

I also have yet to experience significant pain while being bound, or while being sexually stimulated. I can only imagine the type of reaction it will bring. Whoever gets to be that lucky man will have to be prepared. Someday!

Besides that, I’ve had a great weekend! I did all my homework (kicked some ass at this hard monte carlo/crystal ball forecasting stuff), did laundry, grocery shopped, made awesome dinner with friends, hung out with some kinky folk, did more homework, hung out with different kinky folk, discovered a new part of town, saw the movie “Paul,” got to roll around in a grocery cart, and got to enjoy some sadistic teasing and spanking.  Productivity and fun in a bunch of ways – what more could I want?


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