Cool Shit

So, I research things compulsively, and when I think something is super interesting or nifty, I like to share it with people. I figured why not share the wealth with whoever decides to read this. Basically, here is a list of links, things, articles, jokes, etc. that I think are entertaining. This will be updated whenever I find new cool shit to add.

disclaimer : what I find entertaining may not entertain anyone else, so click things/read at risk of boredom or potential offense

Coolest Thing of the Moment:

Intrade – prediction markets for everything from elections to business moves to hollywood. This means you bet real money on events you think will happen. It’s pretty sweet.

First and foremost, these shouldn’t even have to be mentioned, but Pandora and Google Reader are awesome, and should be used by all. Also, Groupon can be pretty amazing if you’re on a budget.

News Articles & Youtube Videos:


  • Dan Savage’s “Savage Love.” As kinky folk, if you’re not already reading (or listening to the podcast) I’m disappointed.…
  • Jim Gaffigan can be funny if you have a sense of humor. He’s from my hometown, so I have to promote him a bit. Look up the name with either “hot pocket,” “holiday traditions,” or “cake” for some of his funniest jokes.
  • Capitol Steps is a hysterical satirical musical comedy group in DC. Their website is, but you can watch it on youtube as well. A particularly funny one:

Blogs & Websites:

Retail & Recipes:


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