Just got the perfect internship offer for this summer. Prestige, substantive, gets me into government. YAY! JUST before I accepted somewhere else, too.

Only negative: it’s unpaid. I have a fellowship that will cover my rent, and the gov will pay for metro, but I still need to eat/survive all summer… Not sure how that will happen yet. And, it isn’t in energy, which is kind of a negative I guess. But, national security and energy go really closely together, and substantive policy work in a government agency will work out well even if it isn’t energy specific.

I think my decision has been made. It will take a killer offer at this point to change my mind.

I’m so excited!!!!

*edit* I wish my parents would be excited for me. Just once. The unpaid part is what is turning them off of it. Thing is, my paid offer isn’t a lot of money, and I’d literally be answering phones all summer. It’d be low key/fun, but entirely unsubstantive, and no one has heard of the firm really. Working for a government agency looks amazing when I’m applying for government jobs, and I’d be doing real work (wtf is the point of paying $70,000 for school if I’m not using the skills?). Plus, only 5 in about 500 applicants get it. You’d THINK they’d be proud of me. Talk about a killjoy.


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