Just keep swimming…oh shit a tidal wave!

So, life moves quickly. I know, no surprise there. I’ve been without a computer for a bit over a week, and it’s kept things interesting. I haven’t exactly been more productive, but I did get a bit more pleasure reading in. I forgot how much I love books (which was good, because I really don’t have time for them).

This past weekend I went to Boston for an International Development Conference that my university co-hosted with Harvard. The case competition we organized went exceptionally well, and I made some great contacts with Chemonics and some other consulting folks. I also realized that HKS has an awful community atmosphere, and I am happier than ever where I am.

I got to see my Aunt and Uncle in Boston as well, which was amazing. I have all sorts of plans with them now – a weekend in NYC next year, the 4th of July in Boston perhaps, etc. My cousin hasn’t been doing too well, which is unfortunate, but I was glad to see her nonetheless. I was also reminded just how much I LOVE Boston – it is the perfect size for me, and a magical blend of history and newness.

I bought a new Macbook Pro this week (ahh I feel like I’m betraying Sony…but they betrayed me first). It’s the 13in I7/2.7gh w/ 4gb ram…basically I’m super happy with it. I bought this sweet purple case for it, and I’m already loving it. It’s very easy to learn, which is awesome.

I accepted my summer internship – hopefully the government won’t fail in the meantime. I’ll be in the department of homeland security’s office of policy, which I’m very, very, very excited about. Next year’s job is still up for grabs, but it is looking good. We also officially confirmed/have a lease to sign for our apartment next year. I’m very relieved to have it figured out, and I still can’t believe how great a deal it is. I’ll be paying less than I am for rent in Pittsburgh!

Today we hosted the deputy administrator for the EIA, whom I got to introduce. He gave a great talk about balancing analysis with advocacy. I appreciated the chance to gain insight on energy policy from someone in the middle of it. Yet another reason I love my school – I can get people like this to come here so easily.  At my undergrad that was never possible.

Looking ahead, I’m participating in a case competition this weekend on social media analytics. I’m hoping my team will win me some money, I could really use it. There is a kinky happy hour I’ll likely miss, and a giant party thing that is being hosted locally. On Saturday I’m attending a munch in the suburbs that is followed by a play party. I’m a bit nervous, but I know a few people and I could really use a pain fix. Sunday I have class, and I might get to try a new coffee place, we’ll see.


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