Snowballing Addiction

I’ve said this before, but kink seriously snowballs. The more events I attend, the more I get to experiment and play, the more I want to be immersed in it. This is not meshing well with my vanilla life! I need to balance kinky events, friends, and playtime with vanilla friends and schoolwork, and it isn’t easy. In a way, it’d be easier to have only kinky friends, because I could plan more events.

Kinky game night went really well tonight. I’ve gotten to the point where I know almost everyone that attends, and I’m comfortable enough to really be myself…snark, slightly inappropriate (or appropriate, given the crowd) humor, and all. Taboo was a hit, which was awesome. Now I could go for a good game of Life, Monopoly, or Scrabble, none of which I’ve played in a long time.  I’m actually dork enough that I’d kill for one of those games with a kinky twist. Add in some rope, maybe certain types of penalties or trades for property. I’ll sell Park Place for $100 if you let me administer 10 whacks, kind of deal. Two letter words cost penalties. You get the idea – it’s like making a drinking game, only with kink.

In other news, I’ve gotten two internship offers in the last two days. This of course happens after I’ve accepted elsewhere. One was with the lobby firm I spoke with a few weeks ago, which was a good fit but was unpaid, and doesn’t measure up compared to where I’ll be. The other was with a big-name finance firm, which would have been interesting. It’s nice to know I can enter the private sector when I graduate if I choose to do so.

I’m going to leave it at that for today and for now. Ending note: can you tell I’m craving rope bondage? I think it goes back to the whole “more you play more you want” thing. I had just a teensy bit of rope this weekend, and it just barely whetted the appetite.


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