Pre-Finals Mania

This post will likely make me come off as a huge control freak…which, when it comes to my academic and professional life, I suppose I am.

So, /beginrant. I’m so, so, so sick of group presentations. It is beyond belief. I have 6 classes right now, and in 4 of them I have group projects/final presentations. Depending on other people is driving me crazy! People don’t meet deadlines, slack off on their portions, and it rarely works out. It is sooo much easier to do a project alone. In my night class tonight, I spent the first half of the class ignoring other people’s presentations and redoing our powerpoint. It was awful. I would have been better off giving the entire speech myself. Ugh. At least that class is now over. /endrant.

On another note, I hate when people present frameworks for change without measurable, enforceable objectives. Having goals is pointless if there are no actual steps to achievement.

Completely separate from that, I spent a good 2 hours defending Christianity on Friday night. Most people always assume religion and politics are off-limit topics. I’ve always negated that – I love talking about religion and politics, together or separately. That said, when it is a topic that close to people’s hearts, and something that is so controversial, it needs to be a discussion, NOT an argument. There needs to be respect, and people have to be willing to listen to the other side. On Friday, this didn’t happen. One person was treating the conversation like an argument he needed to win, calling certain Christian views ludicrous and crazy. I don’t mind challenges to my belief, and neither did my very conservative friend who I had been defending, but the way in which our other friend went about it was horrid.  You can tell I dislike confrontation.

Some randoms:

  • Indian food is delicious, but mind-boggling. I can never remember the taste. When I try to recall a taste memory of Indian food, I can’t. You know when you think of your favorite food, how you can crave it? I never remember enough of the flavor to crave Indian food. That said, when I eat it, it’s great. Perhaps it’s just because I don’t eat it frequently, but it’s just interesting. Or, maybe it is because sometimes the appearance and scents are also unfamiliar.
  • I’m officially going to end up with an A- in financial analysis and likely an A- or A in management science. I find it somewhat comical that I’m doing better in my quant classes than my writing/seminar ones, given my background.
  • Firefly is an amazing television show, and I can’t believe it took me this long to be aware of it. Super funny! Highly recommended.
  • The warm weather is inspiring a need to frolic. I hope I have time to run around outside and frolic in the sunshine sometime soon.
  • I’m going to try to shove as much kink into the next 3 weeks as possible. We’ll see how this goes. I ❤ playing and whatnot, and it just helps me out. When I can submit in personal situations, I am able to take control the rest of the time in a much more effective, focused way. Aside from that, it is just so much more fun as a social interaction to not have to filter or be in control during the entirety of the interaction. Whether one on one or at a kink event, I don’t have to be a Dominant force, whereas in my day-to-day life I normally do. I don’t always mind it, but it takes its toll.

Now that I’ve procrastinated long enough, back to the next group assignment of this week. Ugh.


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