I had a final today that was a complete and utter joke. 20 questions, 2 hours, open notes/book, and 8 of the Qs were matching. Thing is, stupid test was actually difficult. First off, there were 8 lectures of 100+ slides to review for the exam, as well as 200 pages of readings and 5 in-depth cases. Our in-class case discussions were inconclusive and open ended. So, of COURSE, in the multiple choice, objective exam, 5 of the 13 questions were on the cases. Then, the scope only went through maybe the first 3 lectures at most. WHY did she try to cover so much material, when it clearly wasn’t emphasized? I feel for the Professor, really, because it was the first time the class was offered and I think she kind of gave up on it towards the end. Frustrating exam.

Then, I kept stressing about other exams this week, so to make myself feel better I figured out my current grades. In my two most difficult/quant-heavy courses, I can do poorly and still pass. This helps me. I can get a 56% on my finance exam and still get a B+ in the course. I need a 76% to get an A- (it isn’t possible to get an A). In management science, I need a 70% to get a B, a 78% to get a B+, an 84% to get an A-, and a 91% to get an A…that’s before the curve, which this class will have. (Meaning the average is supposed to be around a B+). So, I’m trying not to overly freak out about the exams.

I might be making a trip to DC on Friday for a friend’s interview. AKA, she would borrow my car anyhow, and I have no classes, so might as well join in. We have our apartment as of Thursday, so we can move some stuff in. I’m trying to set up some interviews/meetings, in which case I’m 100% going. Otherwise, I have to weigh what I would do in Pittsburgh.

Back to studying…


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