Traveling and Randoms

DC –> Pittsburgh–> Columbus, OH –> Pittsburgh all in 4 days! Crazy!

In order:

1) DC: Our apartment is fabulous and has great views of the pool. Plus, we can walk to downtown silver spring, have lunch, and be back all in 70 minutes. This is amazing.

2) Pittsburgh: Deluca’s does not compare to Pamelas.

3) Columbus: Is still awful for driving. Family is good. The thought of not seeing my family until December was not good, but hopefully I’ll see them in August. I bought some great dresses though, which made me feel summer-y. Seeing two of my friends from high school was also really fun. Time flies/I’m getting old.

4) Pittsburgh: Apparently I’m way easier to read than I previously thought, at least it is if someone is trying. This is somewhat disconcerting to me; I’m not used to people paying super close attention to my reactions. I tend to be pretty good at shifting focus off of me, in part because I don’t know what to do when someone focuses entirely on me. In general, receiving is more difficult than giving for me. I didn’t really realize that I’m not used to this until now. Weird.

In other news, my grades went really well. I ended up with one B+, in what was arguably one of my easiest classes (but of course one that I didn’t focus on AT ALL, since I was so busy working on my other classes). AND now I’m done with year 1 of grad school!


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