Moved and Settled-ish

I have officially moved to Silver Spring, and at this point all my stuff is unpacked/hung/decorated. It’s a weird feeling.

There are some great benefits to roommates. 1) There is always someone to share jokes, stories, happy, sad, etc. moments with. 2) I can sit down at a table for meals and TV with someone else. 3) If I need a hand to hang a photo, someone is there. 4) I have someone to kick my ass into going to the gym.

There are also downfalls…Namely, I miss being able to do whatever I want without worrying about anyone’s judgement or activities.

This isn’t helped by the friend sleeping on our couch for a week (he moves out Monday, thank God). Unfortunately, all summer there will be 4 of us living here, one more than the rest of the year. I love my friends, but this many folks is going to be a bit much. It saves money though, which is good.

I’m already missing Pittsburgh, most especially my kinky friends. I despise that I met a great person just before leaving. I hate that I have to start it all over again. Ugh.

There are tons of groups in the area, depending on how far I want to drive and what type of venue I wish for.

  • FREAK – Frederick, MD, but it’s a bit of a drive with traffic
  • Fairfax Munch – again a bit of a drive
  • Rockville Area Munch
  • Pirates Munch in SSpring
  • Black Rose
  • DC TNG
  • Baltimore TNG (again though, a bit of a drive)
  • Rope Bite Baltimore
  • Baltimore Bondage Club
  • The Crucible (which eventually will reopen)
  • Lucky Lounge club nights
  • FetFest Nights/Events at Tabu
  • Dark Odyssey (primarily for their big events)

It’s a TAD BIT overwhelming, more especially as someone new to the area, submissive, female, under-30, and generally not that experienced in all things “lifestyle” as it is. I need to find a non-creepy someone to go to an event with. I’m crossing my fingers that it happens.


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