Life in the District

I probably shouldn’t be posting this now, seeing as how I’m at work…but I have to break up the monotony. I always used to wonder if going into publishing would have been a good career choice for me, since I love to read and I’m pretty good at editing. Then came this job… I’m reformatting, editing (for content and grammar), redoing citations, fact-checking, etc. for a book. I get to have my name on the book, but it is a BITCH. For example, I had to change 30 citations from parenthetical to footnotes, then from APA to Chicago, and create a bibliography. This is just for one section of 7. Ugh.

I finally, FINALLY got my security clearance for my summer internship, and I start June 7th. This is a bit later than I originally anticipated, which is both good and bad. The bad: had I known I wouldn’t start until June 7th, I would have gone home from May 17- June 5. As it is, now I’m not sure when my end date will be or when I’ll be able to go home in August, and it will likely be for less time than I thought. The good: I’m working for the research center I’ve been at all year (the editing), and I’ll have another week here. This position is paid, unlike my internship, so this is another week of cash. AKA about $260-$300, which I desperately need.

I was going to go to a happy hour and demo on Tuesday, but it was a good friend’s birthday so I went and celebrated with her instead. There is some form of walking group meeting tonight, but I find workdays exhausting and may not be up for new people yet. So, perhaps a happy hour next Tuesday, and see how that goes.

The pool in my apartment complex opens this weekend, and given the 90 degree weather, I’m pumped! Our apt looks down on the pool, so it’s been taunting my roommates and I. Plus, next week, the 3rd (4th for the summer) roommate returns, and I miss her and so that is exciting. I’m also really excited for memorial day parades/concerts, jazz in the garden, and other DC-y things.

In last news, I’m shrinking. AKA walking around, hitting up the gym, and eating healthier has led to me shedding pounds, which is mostly good. The only bad is that it is pricier to eat better and I may have to buy new clothes.


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