On my mind

Things on my mind recently:

  • Cages
  • Kitten-play
  • Objectification
  • Hair bondage
  • Discreet Public Play
  • Female Domination
Now, I’ve thought of all of these things before. Still, I’ve been reading some well-written BDSM erotica (“Training Amy” by Anne O’Connell, “Tender Mercies” by Kitty Thomas, both available on Amazon), and some of these things came up.

Caging, in particular, intrigues me a lot. I like small spaces, so in that respect I think I’d enjoy being in a cage. It’s kind of cozy. I like that it is a form of bondage. I like that it leaves one vulnerable to whoever holds the key. I’m not an exhibitionist, though, so that kind of twists it around a bit. Being on display isn’t something I look forward to. That said, being put on display in a cage for my Dom could be fun, given the right mental state.

Caging leads itself into the thoughts of objectification and kitten play, as well. Since you can be put in a cage, and not really left there, but essentially you are being put aside (like a toy or a cat). The inherent power in being able to do that to someone, that exchange, is something I find appealing. I like the “do with me what you will” mindset. I enjoy the “playing with you without regard to the torment/pleasure/teasing it’s causing you, so long as I enjoy playing with you” (like a toy or pet for His amusement) mindframe.

I’m not certain how much these things could be played at, versus exchanged within a deeper relationship. Even so, they’ve been on my mind and have been causing interesting thoughts and fantasies.

Hair bondage and discreet public play, such as remote vibrators, are just recurrent fantasies that books and people have been putting into my mind.

Female domination gets complicated. Namely, there are select female toppy/switchy folk that I knew in Pittsburgh that I liked and respected quite a bit, who my humor meshed with, etc.  I could imagine submitting – not for sexual use, but for kinky play – to one of those people. I think there is a real possibility I would have a lot of fun in that situation. Sort of like friends who are kinky who happened to be toppy playing around…much like relationships I have with different male friends. It doesn’t have to be sexual to be enjoyed. Anyhow, the theme showed up in a book and it made me revisit the subject in my mind.


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