Life as it is

One of my best friends from college just found her mom has a stage 4 cancerous brain tumor. This is literally out of nowhere – she wasn’t ill at all. It has been entirely asymptomatic. Now, she has 6-18 months to live, with treatment. Her motor skills are already failing her. I feel very helpless in the worst sort of way, since she is now 10 hours away and there isn’t anything I can really do. Her mom was the core of her family, and was her best friend. It’s truly an awful situation. Things like that really make you realize that you can’t take things for granted at all.

I went to my first DC-area munch yesterday. I chose to go to the college park kinklings group, because I figured it’d be a younger, newer, smaller crowd so slightly less intimidating. I was able to drag one of my roommates and her friend along, so that helped a lot in terms of how awkward I felt. The event went really well – the folks were nice and welcoming. I’m hoping this will be my gateway to other DC kink things.

I’m seriously considering buying tickets to FetFest for labor day weekend. I need to figure out sleeping arrangements, though. I’m going to feel it out for now. I’d love to go to Woodstocks, but it’s the weekend after I’ll be in Pittsburgh for a friend’s birthday, and that is a LOT of driving in one week.


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