Updating my Life

I went to a black rose event last night. There were SO MANY people there! For the most part, people were nice, though only a few were super outgoing. Anyone I introduced myself to responded well, though, so that’s a good sign. The class was on “A Real Dom Never…” and discussed making your own rules. I thought it was interesting to hear people’s take on negotiations. I’m not used to such an acknowledged public scene. I need to work on vocalizing my needs and wants so that I am a better scene negotiator. I do feel safer playing in public (despite my lack of exhibitionism) because it is so much easier to vet people.

Also strange was how many folks identify as some form of poly…of the 60 people, only 6 were strictly monogamous.

I’ll write more about life and work and things when I have more time. Biggest (horrific) realization about working life: between commute and work, I end up with maybe 4 hours to myself, half of which is spent making dinner and cleaning up and making lunch for the next day. Ugh.


2 responses to “Updating my Life

  1. Well, the question on monogamy was a little bit nuanced, since basically it was “who is in a strictly monogamous relationship and never, ever does any sort of BDSM play with anyone except their relationship partner?” So while there might be more people who consider themselves basically monogamous, they still have negotiated some openness to engage in some forms of BDSM play with someone other than their partner in at least some situations. Also, I’m guessing there were some number of folks who are not currently in dating relationships, and who would thus be open to some amount of casual play with someone with whom they were not in a relationship with.

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