Life With More Energy

Rope bite was top of my list tonight, but with rush hour traffic and rain it is an hour away…add to that getting off work later than expected, and that’s not handy for attending an event. Someday soon rope will re-enter my life, and it will be amazing. Worst case, July 9th there is guaranteed rope.

That apartment is all settled, if crowded. 4 people in a 3br place is not the best scenario, primarily because of one roommate’s inability to clean up after herself. I’m sort of kind of a bit of a neat freak, and it’s getting out of hand. Thankfully I have other roommates who agree with my type of clean, so hopefully we’ll nail down the issues this week.

I’ve been working for just over a week now at my “official” internship. I really enjoy some aspects of it, though I fight with my procrastination sometimes. I get to work on trade policy and economic analysis projects, which is really letting my utilize the skills from my graduate program. I get to work on forecasting and economic analysis, research informing trade agreements, and facilitation of GAO audits for the department. More than anything, I appreciate the chance to witness and be a part of how government agencies coordinate and interact to make policy happen. It fascinates me.

I just finished a really good book (reading on the metro = yay) called Blind Your Ponies. I’d recommend it. It goes through the trials and tribulations, as well as the successes, of the residents of a small town in Montana and their high school basketball team. The characters all had great personality and the book really comes to life. A website for the bibliophiles out there –

Now I’m just getting pumped for the weekend. I’m going to a nice french restaurant with a large group of friends tomorrow night, which is exciting. They have tartiflette, this dish local to the Savoie region where I studied abroad, so I’m thrilled. I’m also going to get to see some friends that I’ve been out of touch with. It’s the little things that are helping me feel connected to the city.

I waver back and forth between feeling like DC is huge and unmanageable, like the logistics will prevent me from doing anything fun and the sheer number of people will swarm over me and suffocate what breath I have left after long days of working. <– see that? That’s my mini panic that comes out whenever I think about it. But then, at the same time, I adore how patriotic I feel living here, the type of work I can do here, the abundance of things to do, the variety of people, etc. It’s a fine line, and I’m still not sure what will win out eventually.

Random pet peeves of the week: people listening to their music so loudly on the metro that I can’t think, Weiner resigning when his constituents haven’t lost faith yet, people not RSVPing to things and then bitching about not being included.

Lastly, I am more and more confident in my submission over just my desire to bottom. I’ve spoken with some previous play partners, and while my submission reveals itself infrequently/to specific men, it is most definitely there. I only await the time when it can be nourished to something more fulfilling.


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