Delicious Weaknesses

Things that make me melt/squeal/go crazy:

Rope. Simple enough, right? Coconut rope that scratches, hemp rope that is just a little rough, nylon rope that’s softer – I enjoy it all. Tight, restrictive positions? Yes. Underneath clothing? Yes. Overnight? Yes. Tying in toys? Yes. Really, I’m a huge fan.

Other types of bondage, hell, all types of bondage. I’m not as familiar with handcuffs, straps, and whatnot, but I love being restrained. The slight fear, the increased trust, and the pure “you can do with me as you will” mentality (aka the complete lack of control) really arouse me.

Consistent, prolonged, sometimes rough and sometimes almost too gentle, play with my nipples. Be really rough and sadistic, then only the gentlest of touches will keep me shuddering for hours. Suck them, bite them, use clamps or a wartenburg wheel, scratch them and chew on them, or gently trace them…it all arouses me to no end.

Tickling…especially if you know my most ticklish spot. Seriously, I’m normally a quieter person during sexual activities, but if you tickle that spot I will shriek uncontrollably. I’ll also potentially fight you – bondage helps if you’re not into that. Personally, either way I’m good – fighting and losing to be pinned down for the torment, or being bound and unable to stop it…both get me going. Although, I must say, this is definitely one of those things I hate to love.

Pain. This one is a bit shaky, but a really good, prolonged, hard spanking or beating (or nipple torture) can make me shudder for hours as well. (Shuddering is a good thing.) The mood has to be right, and the Dom has to be observant, but it can be amazing. I like it best when once it gets really hard, there is some time between impacts with caressing to recover and let it sink in. I can take more if I have physical contact with my Top, like if he’s holding one of my hands or has a hand on my neck/back/etc. I also am more responsive if I can squeeze a hand or something, or if I have a gag or something to bite down on.

Kissing, caressing, touching, etc. my neck and earlobes. Mainly my neck. Seriously, it’s an intense erogenous zone for me, and can get me going incredibly quickly.

General caressing and kissing (when it’s good kissing) are, of course, also amazing.

FYI: if it’s ok for me to touch and caress you in return, some indication of that permissibility is appreciated. Otherwise I get shy/hesitant too easily.


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