I got balls!

Not really, but figuratively yes.

I went to TNG-Baltimore last night, and it was great. First off, I’m apparently only 45 minutes from Baltimore, and even during peak times travel goes quickly. Second, Baltimore is *gorgeous.* I dragged my roommates along so they could do dinner and sketch, aka so they could help me navigate and lend me courage. It was a little awkward since neither of them is into kinky things, but they were relatively cool about it.

The event itself started out how they always do for me, with me being rather cripplingly shy, finding someone I recognize, and desperately trying to stretch out conversation with that person. Then, I move on and interrupt another person’s night with a random introduction. I then progress with whatever happens.

This actually worked out well at the TNG event, only I met so many people it’s a tad overwhelming. I remember most people’s names, but I don’t know their fetlife names, and we’ll see how long I can remember. I met some women who I’m surprisingly similar to, a few girls that were similar to a few Pittsburgh friends, and a few guys who seemed friendly too. There were only two people who made me feel uncomfortable, and they didn’t linger. There were a few folks I would have liked to talk more to or introduce myself to, but alas, it didn’t happen. I didn’t want to linger too late and keep the roommates waiting, so I ended up leaving right as I got comfortable with a group of people. There was some cuddling, though, which made the day a success.

I also just registered for rope camp. I only signed up for a day pass, and I’ll probably end up going on the Saturday (the classes on Friday look better, but I don’t want to not be there on my last day of my internship). It took a lot for me to actually register, since I don’t have a rope top to attend with. I’d feel more comfortable bringing along a friend to practice with, or at least knowing more people attending. I know three people going, none of them exceptionally well. But, for a day, I can always just sit in on classes and watch others play if I don’t find someone for myself. I’m committed now, though.

Now on to more adventures. Next week will either be the Pirate Munch, Baltimore’s Rope Bite, or Dark Odyssey – or, if I’m really up to it, maybe even more than one!

Plus, I’m going to see Harry Potter 7:2 and I’m going tubing this weekend. It’s going to be a good weekend :).


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